Career Development Core

UK CARES Career Development Program

The University of Kentucky Center for Appalachian Research in Environmental Sciences (UK CARES) Career Development Program is coordinated in a partnership with the Administrative Core and led Dr. Kevin Pearson.

The mission of the Career Development Program is to promote collaboration among basic, clinical, and population scientists; support early stage investigators in developing diverse professional skills; and to attract mid-level investigators and scientists in other fields through opportunities to focus on environmentally-induced diseases.

The goals of the UK CARES Career Development Program are:

  • Promote career development of early stage investigators.
  • Provide opportunities for mid-level investigators to focus on environmental health-related research.
  • Foster collaborations among investigators working in basic, clinical and population science fields.
  • Develop scientific enrichment activities for all UK CARES investigators.

Career Development Program contact information:

Kevin Pearson, PhD, Director
Associate Professor, Graduate Faculty in Nutritional Sciences, Cardiovascular Research Center

Joy Zhang, PhD, Co-Director,
Associate Professor, Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology