Pilot Project Program Request for Applications 2020

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The UK Center for Appalachian Research in Environmental Sciences (UK-CARES) is now accepting applications for Pilot Projects. The mission of UK-CARES is to enhance research capacity focused on the major environmental health impacts (e.g., air and water contaminants, environmental disasters) that have been implicated in chronic diseases such as heart and lung disease, cancer, diabetes, and child health and early life exposures. This mission is accomplished by promoting the interactions and expanding the critical mass of investigators and citizen scientists with expertise and experience in transdisciplinary, translational environmental health research on the UK campus and in Appalachian communities (targeted region: Big Sandy, Cumberland Valley, Kentucky River).

Pilot Project Program Award Types

Early Career Investigator Award
This award is intended to support pilot studies by early stage investigators to obtain preliminary data for an extramural grant submission. This award may provide the research funds required to apply for the UK-CARES Career Development program. The maximum award will be $25,000 in direct costs which must be spent over 10 months. This award is only open to investigators in the early stage of their career (NIH definition), or investigators who are transitioning into a new area. Applicants must identify a mentor to assist with the investigator’s training.

Innovation and High Impact Award
This award is for investigators at all stages of career development; early career, midlevel, and senior investigators, and is intended to stimulate innovation and to support pilot studies that will lead to extramural funding. Pilot grants will support projects that catalyze new research opportunities, expand research interactions with citizen scientists, volunteer faculty, or bring new dimensions to the Center. The total award is limited to $50,000 in direct costs which must be spent over 10 months.

Documentation and Online Application

Click the button above to download a PDF of the request for applications and access the online application.

Key Dates

03/12/2020Call for Letter of Intent released
03/23/2020Letter of Intent due
03/27/2020Notice of Meritorious Letter of Intent sent

College Grant Officer (CGO) in the Principal Investigator’s college/department will need to initiate an e-IAF for the UK-CARES Pilot Project proposal. The e-IAF should be received in OSPA three business days before the due date of the application.

CGO should enter this into the comment sheet:
“Do not import the e-IAF until OSPA is notified of funding. These proposals do not go to the Research Administrator, in OSPA but go directly to the UK-CARES Pilot Project Program managers.”
04/20/2020Full Application due
04/30/2020Notice of Award sent

Project start date
NOTE: If you do not have an approved IRB/IACUC by 5/1/2020, the start date could be delayed until 7/1/2020.
03/31/2020Project end date